• Excellent resistance to rutting and fatigue
  • Rubber binder suitable for direct substitution of conventional A15E
  • No effect on mix volumetrics
  • Negligible rubber residue
  • Enhanced durability
  • Every tonne of OLEXOCRUMB recycles the equivalent of 15 passenger tyres
  • Same trusted storage and travel stability as conventional PMB Puma binders
  • Includes warm mix additives reducing emissions and energy consumption

Technical Data Sheet

OLEXOCRUMB® A15E is a hybrid binder, containing 10% waste tyre derived rubber and conventional polymer, engineered to meet the trusted Austroads grade of A15E.

A15E is designed to minimise permanent deformation and fatigue cracking. When used in open-graded asphalt, OLEXOBIT® A15E provides increased cohesive strength and durability.

Technical Helpline: 1800 24 88 66